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About Us

Our Story

The idea for 100 Women Who Care - Elk Rapids Area grew out of casual conversations among five friends who connected during the pandemic. On long hikes we considered how we could bring other local women together to make a positive difference in our Northern Michigan community. We were familiar with the 100 Women Who Care giving circle model and thought it would appeal to like-minded women. We launched our chapter in early 2022 and now have over 240 women committed to supporting local nonprofits serving

Elk Rapids and Antrim County.

We are:



Any woman who commits to making a $100 donation three times each year is invited to join.


We meet three times each year for one hour. In our first year, three hours of “business” generated over $65,000 for local nonprofits. 


Our collective donation stays in our community. Any member may nominate a nonprofit that directly serves residents of Antrim County, Michigan.


At each meeting, three nonprofits are randomly selected from those nominated by members. After presentations on each, members vote to determine which one will receive our collective donation.


By pooling our resources, we can provide meaningful financial support to improve the quality of life in our community. We also build awareness of local needs and the nonprofits that meet them.

Baby Crib

The Story Behind 100 Women Who Care 

The first 100 Women Who Care chapter was born in a baby crib in 2006. Well not exactly, but close. When Karen Dunigan learned that The Center for Family Health in Jackson Michigan needed $10,000 to
provide baby cribs to new parents, she rallied her friends and neighbors and asked them to contribute $100 each. The effort was so successful that she and the other donors continued to support local nonprofits through collective giving. There are now over 900 domestic and international chapters including those organized by men, kids and teens. You can read more about Karen and her early efforts by clicking on the link below.

“It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act.”                                                                                                   Dalai Lama

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